For our next investigation you are asked to look into the artists of the Contemporary Art movement & find one that inspires you. You will then create your own pattern by either hand drawing it, or modifying it within Photoshop or Illustrator.  Taking the file you will convert it to a laser-ready file which you will then print on cardboard & roll through the rolling mill with your piece.

This project takes careful planning & consideration of all parts of your piece.

Objective: to create a piece based on Contemporary Art by creating a pattern inspired by a contemporary artist & using the laser to create an embossing plate for your piece.

Contemporary Art: The art of our time, based on commonalities of experiences that define a culture.

Contemporary art in Philly

Contemporary Art Examples: Ai Weiwei (the good fences make good neighbors project I was mentioning in class),  Louise Bourgeois , Douglas Copeland , Anish Kapoor , Faith Ringgold ,  Judy Chicago , Barbara Kruger (article with current installation work in NYC skatepark,Barbara Kruger in NYC skatepark link for school), Robert Rauschenberg , Cindy Sherman

Student Examples:





contemporary patterns lesson