One of our other projects was going to be soldering & making a simple ring from a piece of wire.  I know some of you have already finished this (as you were introduced in sections) if that’s the case, you can submit your ring for this assignment.  If not, here are several alternatives on how to make a creative ring.

Objective: to create a ring, by using the skills and techniques learned so far in class.

Student Samples:

You by no means need to rely on any of these tools provided-but here’s options to get you thinking creatively…if you happen to have wire at home, feel free to use that, or paper clips, string, or anything you think would work!

Layered paper ring layered paper ring with bright blue accent on hand model


For those of you who might have additional tools at home:

How To Make A Spoon Ring - ReLOVED Creations

Ring from a spoon

Cool coin ring (says with not expensive tools, but they still have things not everyone would have)