For the next investigation you are asked to explore humor as it relates to current social issues and create a piece that displays humor in relation to recent local, national political events or environmental issues.  Using your research from the past week as clear examples of what type of humor you have, create an original piece that not only displays your humor but also takes on an otherwise serious topic.

Your piece needs to incorporate cutouts within one area, bending of the metal, show connections of some kind & display a clear plan.

Objective: to create a humorous piece (of metalwork) that takes on a more serious local, national political event or environmental issue by using the skills and techniques (cutouts, annealing, bending, cold or hot connections) learned show far in class.

Take this fish and look at it

Examples of political and environmental humor in art:

Fernando Botero , Political Art , Ai Weiwei , Yu Minjun , Jane Alexander , Jeff Koons , Takashi Murakami

Student Samples: