For your next project you are asked to seek out items in your home & turn them into wearable pieces.  The options are limited only to your imagination.  You can bend, break, cut (if able) and connect multiple pieces to create a cohesive form.

Objective: to create a wearable piece of jewelry by utilizing items found in and around your house.  These can be made by bending, cutting, or otherwise manipulating them to create unique, one-of-a-kind items.

For inspiration take a look at Anni Albers:

Anni Albers
Necklace, ca. 1940
drain strainer and paper clips
length: 16 in. (40.6 cm), strainer: 3 in. (7.6 cm) diameter

Anni Albers
Necklace, ca. 1940
bobby pins on metal-plated chain
1534 in. (40 cm)

Anni Albers
Necklace, ca, 1940
aluminum washers on dark brown velvet ribbon
5634 in. (144 cm)

Harriet Estel Berman:

Photo Credit: Steve Michaels Photography from the exhibition "Head to Toe" at 108 Contemporary, Tulsa OklahomaFrom her Recycle collection & made from: Post consumer plastic from milk containers, orange juice, and shampoo bottles; take out trays, plastic packaging inserts, etc that would normally be thrown away

Bracelet made from post consumer plastic waste.  Photo Credit: Aryn Shelander                                 Model: Jen Ohara    

Golden Girl

bracelets made from fruit crates

"Wasabi Peas" Column bracelet with Nutrition Facts

bracelets made primarily from tin cans

Kiff Slemmons:

Kiff Siemmons

Bracelets made from handmade paper

Kiff SiemmonsKiff Siemmons

necklace from handmade paper-interestingly my grandmother made beads from magazines that had a similar look to this ROLL AND GLUE

Felieke van der Leest:

Felieke van der Leest

Jewelrassic Park' combines dinosaurs, jewelry - News - Cambridge ...


who incorporates jewelry techniques, crochet and children’s toys to create unusual pieces.

Susie Ganch:

Susie Ganch — Quirk


both pieces made with lids and beads