For all courses: (due 9/3/20)

1. Read the three respect rules for the art studio

2. Check I have read and understand the code of conduct

3. Fill in full name and email

4.Click submit

Respect Yourself

We are here to learn. There will be times in the studio where this learning will not come easy.  You will struggle at times, but having self-respect and confidence allows you to learn from your mistakes.

Respect Others

Each and every person who enters the studio is expected to conduct themselves with consideration and maturity.  One cannot expect to be treated with respect if he or she is not respectful towards others.  We will respect and support each other in our shared learning experience.

Respect for the Studio

Respecting the space that we work in will ensure our safety and effectiveness.  Each student is responsible to keep their work space neat and clean. As well, materials should always be used appropriately.


You are welcome to talk TO people, so long as you do not talk ABOUT people.

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