This page is intended to give you inspiration for taking unconventional materials and creating personally meaningful or sometimes just playful art.

Olivia Bonilla 

 Detail of “Cupcake Tower #1” at show

“I am creating a world where color theory meets sculpture. My work explores personal nostalgia and indulgence through references to sweets, toy culture, and 80’s and 90’s retro flare. I’m interested in the idea of excess in today’s throwaway society. Through my sculptures I convey a “sugar coated” reality filled with over-stimulation and re-appropriated ideas. Sprinkled pills, oversized diamonds, toys of an era, splashed with glitter and a wet gloss finish. My sculptures explore the emotional desire of always wanting more, in combination with glutinous shiny landscapes who reveal childhood colors of cotton candy blue and bubble gum pink.”

Dan Lam


Tania Dibbs

Antler, 13" x 11" x 11", antler, resin, beads, costume jewelry

“Her sculptural pieces combine symbols of wealth and culture with their opposites, highlighting a bigger discussion about our fast changing relationship with the planet and with nature in general. This contemporary issue is indeed urgent and relevant.”

Melissa Meier

Tasha Lewis

“In my newest works, arches and founts place my figures and vessels in a kind of minimalist bath house or public fountain. Inspired by metaphysical classicists like Giorgio de Chirico, the environment of my installations is defined through color gradients and architectural elements. By using my body as a model, I engage in a public mode of self-reflection through making. The resultant sculptures are both flawed and intimate. Driven toward sensuous detail, I obsessively replicate body hair on my figures.” 

Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hanson

Marianne Eriksen Scott-Hansen - Honestly WTF

Kathleen Ryan


Glen Martin Taylor