In case you needed ideas on construction techniques I figured I’d add a page just for that!  First will be videos for clay for those who filled out the survey & have picked up their clay, the bottom half will have other ideas for construction for using found/recycled materials from home.

Using Recycled materials as molds

Pinched larger forms

Funky shapes:

A darted cup:

Slab mug with flare:

Soft slab pottery tips:

Exploring shapes for slab building:

Exploring slab forms

Hexagonal form

Using craft foam to add a little personality

Giving your pieces some volume

Funky handles

Using a paper cup as a template

Since I didn’t send you home with slip-quick slip guide

Non clay guides:

Printable Shapes

Or, if you wanted more complicated folds-check out this link: From flat to curved geometries it has a lot of detail, but also some nice visuals for various techniques

Here’s some samples as to taking paper & giving it three-dimensionality: exploring paper, Basic 3D forms, triangles