Local Inspiration-For your final project, you will take local inspiration from InLiquid and create 2 (or more) pieces inspired by a local artist of your choice.  The pieces should be thematic in nature & show growth throughout the semester.  They should be inspired by but not copied from the artist you chose.

In addition-you will create a brief presentation-this should outline the following:

  • Who the artist is
  • Where they are from/where they studied
  • How long they have been an artist
  • Why you chose them
  • How they inspired your projects
  • What their creative process is/how they work through creative block
  • How they became successful
  • What theme (if any) they find inspiration from

*Keep in mind-no one wants to read a slide full of text-images are more appealing.  Also, if you are bored, so are we-be creative, there are so many more presentation options than a slide show