For our next investigation you are to work together as a group to design functional pieces for a dinner party.  Each of you needs to work together to find your strengths & focus on that to create one cohesive dinner party set based on the theme community and/or thankful.  This should include-platters, bowls, plates, serving trays, salt & pepper shakers, bread plates/bowls.  Each person is responsible for one unit of the whole.  Think about what the dish will be used for prior to creating it.

Place setting history

Judy Chicago Dinner Party

Slide View: 3: Papetal Floral PlateSilo Cheese Board:: HAPPY EASTER :: Absolutely love these ceramic egg Suzanne Sullivan Ceramics MásThree carved bowls on a rainy Friday morning. #stoneware , aqua/grey glaze and lovely shino. #ceramics #keramik #pottery #dspattern #highfiredDinner party with the sea folk inspiration zoneAkio Nukaga - inspiring, must try such a thing with my next plate!Gorgeous platters! @gr.pottery.forms. @madewell1937designer birgitte rabens{ The beauty of natural imperfection for the table}Ceramic Arts Daily – How to Handbuild a Hexagonal Jar Using a TemplateFragile Mermaid by Kim Joondebuse_695ceramicsStudio JooWoven basketCeramics - Elke Bauerdrift series - Kaori Tatebayashi Ceramics(@gracemccarthy_design) on Instagram: “Night sky in the early morning light ”

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