For our next investigation, you are asked to focus on one emotion you feel throughout the day and create a sculpture that is representative of that feeling.


To create a sculpture of a feeling, by reducing the feeling to it’s simplest form and using at least 20 individual pieces combined together, along with the skills we have learned so far in class.

abstract emotions


Non-Ceramic Examples:

Alexander Calder is well known for his wire work & sculptures. Please review his work at the link attached. Here is some of his work in the Philadelphia area

& his work is coming to the art museum as wellThree Generations of Calders in Philadelphia - Association for ...

More abstract sculpture in Philadelphia:

Mark di Suvero which can be found near the art museum along the parkway

Iroquois - Association for Public Art

Henry Moore 

Girders, abstract sculpture and Philly Jesus in LOVE Park: A run ...

Robert Engman

Triune, abstract bronze sculpture, usa, pennsylvania, philadelphia

This piece by Martin Puryear has since moved but was in Philadelphia for a bit along Kelly Drive.

FINAL WEEKS IN PHILADELPHIA Big Bling on Kelly Drive – InLiquid

Robinson Fredenthal

How a massive Fredenthal sculpture moved to Chestnut Hill - WHYY


Student Samples: