1. Please refer to Google Metals & find one piece that interests you.  Print it out & glue it to your sketchbook & include background information about the piece or artist & why it interests you.  Then sketch your own interpretation of the piece (remember, NOT a direct copy).  Due 10/6
  2. Please research the history of jewelry and describe, sketch & print out images of some of the first items that were used as adornments.  You description should include, when, why and how they used these items and if you can find out who were the first to wear them. Please use the below links for reference.  Due 10/20
    1.  Early history
    2. Fashion Era
    3. History of Jewelry
    4. History of Jewelry design
  3. Please use rings to research different rings throughout history.  Focusing on 3 specific ring designs & styles, create your own unique ring inspired by one of them.  Please reference where you were inspired by and why. Due 11/27